9 Inspirational things that will happen to you in Business School


Business School is not just something that will assure you your dream job, though that will also happen. It is also something that will change your life for the better, and give you enough memories for ten lifetimes. It’s a little hard to pinpoint a few things that make it special, but here’s a fun way.

In this special Jamboree in depth look, we bring to you a look at nine inspirational things that will happen to you in Business School, and talk you through exactly why they will give you energy.

You will attend talks by at least 25 CEOs

You know that you’re spoiled when you look at an over full itinerary, see that Bill Gates is speaking at your Business School that evening, and decide to skip it and catch a couple of hours of sleep instead. But that’s precisely what will happen to you in a year or two, when you pass every hurdle and get that dream admit. Every week, there will be a top CXO on campus, and you will have the luxury of picking and choosing those that you find most inspirational.

As you look at a figure whose face you had hitherto seen only on magazine covers, you might pinch yourself once or twice. Go ahead!

You will get to carry out a business project in an unfamiliar country

Every top school tries to make its MBA candidates truly global. One big part of this is achieved through the diversity in the classroom. Another way it is explicitly done is through various trips abroad, some of which are study-related, and involve working with local businesses in consulting-type projects. The locals are usually hugely happy – they are getting the best business minds in the world to work on their business problems for nothing. And you will be hugely happy when you go on one fo these trips, because you will see that the basic tenets you’re taught in your Business School classroom work all the time, and in every place.

You will meet the smartest people you have ever met

A Business School is a funnel. It takes in a lot of people from a lot of fields, and selects the smartest, and most driven, from among them. Every day, you will live, work and talk with these people, and acquire new perspectives every second of the time. This will challenge you to keep on the cutting edge of the group’s thought, as well; you will be smarter for the fact that you are in their company.

You will leave your comfort zone every day

An adult is only able to make an intuitive leap in his or her learning if he or she leaves the comfort zone. Business School helps you master a lot of things, but it also gives you a gentle reminder that you need to move on, after you’ve acquired mastery. And, when you reach the next milestone to be conquered, you will find it unfamiliar and initially difficult. Which is why the sense of exhilaration when you conquer that one, as well, will be even greater.

You will realize how great Friday night is

Business Schools are big on unwinding at the end of the week, and everyone needs it. As you relax with your best friends from your class or section, you will learn the most important lesson of all – how to have a lot of fun while solving the biggest problems in the world. These are important steps in your journey to making sure that you always have a healthy work-life balance. Plus, who doesn’t like a party?

You will become an expert at managing time

Calendars and schedules are things that are often made by people who do not need them desperately, they are an aid. When you join Business School, they can become the difference between sleeping for a couple of hours, and enjoying a good seven hour sleep. After a month of your first year, you will be able to pinpoint what you will be doing during any ten minute period during the day, and you won’t think that you’re necessarily more organized than other people, either!

You will realize that you can be right and a 25 year veteran, wrong

Business Schools are big on removing hierarchy, and encouraging free speech between lecturers and audience. Therefore, through a heated discussion, you might come to see that you are right, and your professor is wrong – and have your professor acknowledge this. You might have a veteran of the corporate world come in, engage her on a discussion, and see her accept your point of view. That’s very empowering for you, as you will see the reality of the business world, as a place where you can fit, and your voice can be heard loud and clear, and its import valued.

You will learn an entirely new way of thinking, centred around business leadership

The natural human instinct is to think small, and solve one problem after the other. Business School will take you up to the stratosphere, and give you a bird’s eye look at everything in a business situation. From that height, you will lose sight of the small, petty issues, and you will be able to gauge what will work more clearly. This is the defining trait of a leader – someone who will run his or her business ethically, and make every decision within this framework something that will maximize the benefit to his or her business. This is something that is almost impossible to acquire outside of business school, unless you’re born with it, or spend decades to think that way.

You will truly understand what ‘works like clockwork’ means

Business Schools tend to be really, really good at organizing things. For example, the Immersion Program at HBS takes one entire batch of 900 students to different countries across the world, and does it over one fortnight, ensures that they have impact in their chosen place of work, documents everything, and brings them back safe, sound and inspired. And it does all this with the smallest possible group of people working on it.

Every school does something like this every few months, and you cannot but marvel at the efficiency, and resolve to become as organized.

Now that we have looked at the inspirational things that will happen to you in Business School, it’s time to make sure you make it there. If you’re looking to put together your application for Round 2 or 3 this year, get in touch as soon as possible. If you are looking to start preparation for the GMAT for a 2015 application, do book an appointment at any of our centres, where you can speak with our expert coaches, faculty and guides. All the best!

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