Campus Report Kelley by Jamboree’s Student


DHIMAN LAHIRI: pursuing MBA from Indiana University– Bloomington (Kelley)- Class of 2013

1. What was your pre-MBA profile?

I worked in various technical leadership positions across various IT companies after completing my Masters in Computer Applications in 2004. My most recent role was in the capacity of Principal Engineer for EMC Corporation where I was responsible for framing the virtualization strategy for the RSA envision product.

2. Why did you decide to do an MBA?

After working for a long time in a technical role, I knew I did not want to do this anymore. Instead I wanted to do something that affected customers on a daily basis and made life easier for them. So I decided to go in for an MBA and pursue a career in marketing.

3. Do you think your choice of B School has been proved correct?

Yes, the Kelley school of Business is one of the top 20 MBA programs in the United States and our faculty is just amazing. The experience till now has me wanting more. I am definitely happy to have come here.

4. Has the B School experience helped mold your personality?

It has definitely started changing my perspective on things. I have started seeing how to approach problems objectively and the amount of detail and homework that is necessary to make an informed decision.

5. If you are asked to pick the 3 best things about your B School, what would those be?

The Me, Inc program. This is something that no one other than Kelley offers and it is critical in framing your future.

The faculty. We arguably, in my humble opinion, have some of the best faculty in the nation whose written books are taught in many top b-schools.

The Kelley experience. It is one of the most friendly environments in the nation. You are welcomed here and there is no sense of people trying to pull down others. We work as a team here and rejoice in each other’s successes.

6. Academically, what are the highlights of your curriculum?

Well, it is no different from any other B School curriculum. The first semester has the core subjects followed by electives in the following semesters. One highlight is that Kelley has introduced a Business Analytics major this year, the first amongst the top 20 b-schools in the United States to do so.

7. Does your B School offer financial assistance to students? Are there any specific criteria?

Yes, and a substantial one at that. Kelley has financial aid ranging from full scholarships, to partial scholarships and graduate assistantships. The criteria is well described on the Kelley website.

8. What are placement prospects of your B School?

This is a funny question. In the United States, b-schools prepare you for your life after an MBA. It is very different from the placement driven scenario in India. That being said, Kelley has a strong placement record and current statistics are available on the Kelley website

9. What will be your advice to MBA aspirants targeting your B  school?

I think it is important to identify the right fit for any MBA aspirant. Like people, all b-schools have their own personalities and you need to be sure that you like that personality and it ties in with your core values. Kelley is a school that places a high importance on team work and taking people along. The best candidates here are people who can demonstrate that they have good team skills as well as the academic potential to handle the rigors of the program.

10. And finally, given the current economic slowdown, is this the right time to embark on an MBA programme?

I would suggest someone to go in for an MBA based on what he or she wants to do in the future. If you feel that an MBA will help you in getting there, go for it. But do not go in for an MBA if you do not know your ultimate goal. A lot of people end up disappointed.

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