Crack the SAT! Go Abroad! Which course do you choose?


At this time, your #1 priority will be to for your child to get the highest possible score on your SAT. But what comes after that? After you have aced the test together, you will need to start shortlisting courses and universities. It might initially seem like the course of study is very important – that it will occupy a large part of the next four years. It is important, but the flexibility inherent in the US system means that it is not the be-all and end-all.

So what do you have to do to shortlist the best course options available? Here are 4 easy principles to keep in mind:

Know the options, first.

If you are looking at Engineering, there are the Old Faithfuls, that are as popular in India as abroad: Computer Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Chemical Engineering. There are also newer, quickly growing fields: Biomedical Engineering is a great example. Other popular areas of study include Business (from Accounting to Finance and Economics), Humanities (from Sociology to Psychology and Creative Writing), Science and so on. Read up on the different areas, and go deep into the top 20 options within the field of interest; this will ensure that you make an informed decision.

From Engineering to Humanities, all streams offer good job opportunities.

The big difference between undergrad programs abroad and in India is that the best programs abroad guarantee good placements. Of course, certain fields of engineering (e.g. Computer) or business (e.g. Finance) are replete with more high paying jobs, but even a non-mainstream course like Geography offers many lucrative placement opportunities. There are many useful calculators online which give you median starting salaries; use them to find all courses which pay above your preferred threshold.

In case you are interested in scholarships, ensure that you get admits to courses where you are in the top 10%.

Merit based scholarships go to the top few who are admitted in each class; you might get many admits, but get admits into courses that are difficult to get into. In this case, you might see that scholarship options dwindle; always choose a couple of courses in a couple of universities where you will be a big fish in a small pond.

The choice of course is never binding: undergrad programs abroad offer great flexibility.

The exact choice of major can be left to as late as the beginning of the third undergrad year abroad, and diverse courses can be added to the bouquet of base courses in the major. This ensures that the choice of course is not final and binding; it makes sense to choose a good direction, and let your child choose the rest, with the benefit of Sophomore wisdom.

Finding the right course for your child’s undergraduate studies is important, but building a strong foundation for that course is equally important. The immediate need of the hour is to score high on the SAT, and we can help.

To avail of Jamboree’s two decades of experience in helping India’s brightest young minds ace the most important competitive exams of their lives, we invite you to become a part of our family. To find out which of our courses is best for your child’s needs, do visit our site today!

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Crack the SAT! Go Abroad! Which course do you choose?
Know the options, first. From Engineering to Humanities, all streams offer good job opportunities. Ensure that you get admits to courses where you are in the top 10%. Undergrad programs abroad offer great flexibility.

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