Do’s and Don’ts of SAT Essay


Do read the prompt and assignment question properly. Understand what has been asked, brainstorm and then start writing. Don’t make the mistake of writing solely on the prompt, you can always dwell into it but you need to relate it to the question asked.

Don’t start writing the moment you get the question. Concoct your ideas firstly then begin to write.

Do give relevant examples. These can be picked up from the History, Politics, Literature, Science and even from your personal life.

Don’t write more than one example from your personal experience as you need to substantiate your essay with some authentic examples.

Do take a stand and avoid hopping on both sides. It is always better to be on one side and support the same with examples.

Don’t repeat yourself. Redundancy is a big no on the SAT essay. As this is the only part of the paper which depicts your writing as well as language skills, your essay needs to have variety and shouldn’t be monotonous.

Do know that it is more important to quote good examples than to use rich vocabulary.

Don’t end your essay without a proper concluding paragraph. It is essential to write a paragraph that summaries your essay. An abrupt ending can make you lose some points.

Do pay attention to the structure of the essay as there are some points assigned for the layout of the essay too. Ergo, make sure you divide your essay into paragraphs.

Don’t use the entire time for writing the essay. Leave some time in the end to proofread in order to avoid silly mistakes.

Keep these small things in mind and essay will be a cake for you.

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