1) Why does TOEFL iBT exam include a Speaking section?

TOEFL mainly focuses on evaluating a student’s ability to Speak, write, listen and read English. The idea is to test the student’s proficiency in the English language; thus, it is important to grade a student’s ability to interact in English.

2) How many Speaking tasks are there on the exam?

There are six questions on this section. Out of which, 2 questions are the independent speaking tasks wherein you have to speak on a given topic the other 4 questions are a part of integrated speaking tasks.

3) What is the structure of the TOEFL Speaking section?

Independent Speaking – 2 questions

Integrated Speaking – 2 questions (Read + Listen then answer the question)

                                   2 questions ( Listen to a clip then answer a question )

4) May I take notes during the Speaking section?

Yes, you may take notes while you attempt your speaking section on the exam. Infact, you should always jot down some points so that while you are recording your answer you do not run out of words. However, when you attempt the integrated speaking tasks do not try take down each and every word which is being said in the clip rather try to extract the main points and note them down.

5) What all factors are taken into account while scoring the responses?

The responses are rated on the overall performance in a particular task. In order to fetch good marks, the answer should be delivered in fluent English without any grammatical mistakes. Keep in mind that how clearly and coherently you convey information is as important as how much information you convey.

6) What happens if I finish my response before time or I run out of time?

If you finish your answer 3 to 5 seconds before the time runs out and you feel that you have already included the desired information then you can leave it as it is. On the other hand, if you have a lot of time left then you cannot afford to leave it black and you must fill in more information. Similarly, in cases wherein you run out of time there is no heavy penalty but you should certainly avoid speaking at an unnaturally rapid pace and speak in a planned and constant manner.

7) Is it possible for me to change my answer?

No, the answers once recorded cannot be changed. Thus, make sure that you utilize your preparation time well.

8) Will my accent make a difference to my score?

There are no marks for speaking in a particular accent. But your pronunciation should be correct and should not interfere with the intelligibility of your response.

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