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GRE– Graduate Record Examination is taken by students who want to pursue Masters and Doctorate programs abroad. While preparing for any exam students have a lot of questions in mind. So, here are a few of them.

Q) Do I need to have knowledge of intricate computer programs in order to do well on GRE?

A) No, all you need are basic computer skills. Just practice a couple of mock tests before   you sit for the actual exam so that you are familiar with the pattern of the exam.

Q) What is the time duration of GRE?

A) It lasts for around 3 hours and 45 minutes plus short breaks.

Q) What is the weightage given to GRE scores?

A) The importance given to GRE scores vary from university to university and program to program. However, it is just one of the criterias taken into consideration by universities while rating a student’s candidature.

Q) For questions with more than one answer, do I get some marks if I get the question right partially?

A) No, you get full credits only if you get all the choices right.

Q) Can I see my GRE scores online?

A) Yes, but only after your official scores have been reported to you.

Q) Can I cancel my scores?

A) Yes, after completing the exam there is an option of cancelling the scores. If you choose to do so then the score is lost forever but will be reported on your score card.

Q) Can I restore my cancelled score?

A) Yes, for US$30 you can reinstate your cancelled score. But your request must reach ETS within 60 days after your test date.

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