My GMAT Experience


I took GMAT in September, 2011 and scored a 720. There are a few points I would like to share about my experience. The exam began with the Analytical writing Assessment section that consisted of an Argument and an Issue. For each essay, I utilised 5 minutes in brainstorming and coming up with as many points as I could and then started writing. This helped me in keeping a constant and a fast pace and I could find time to go through my inputs before submitting. Quantitative section proved to be difficult one for me. The questions were above average. I remember coming across 6 to 7 difficult questions in a row and this consumed a lot of my time. I had already prepared myself for such situation during the mock tests; hence I was resilient and just concentrated on solving the questions as fast as I could. I knew I had lost a lot of time but thinking about that would have made the situation worse. After that the questions were pretty much of the same level. I had just 15 seconds left when I submitted my last answer. Verbal section was almost of the same difficulty level as that of the mock tests. Sentence correction and critical reasoning sections were about average, however, for reading comprehension I had to read every passage twice before attempting the questions. For sentence correction, I feel that the tips from my trainer at Jamboree paid off. I could answer all questions with ease and without getting stuck between two choices.

My suggestions for prospective test takers would be, first of all, practice as much as you can. Dedicate around two to three hours daily. Try to apply the tips for SC in your day to day communication, both written and verbal. Secondly, do not take any section for granted, even if have been doing exceptionally well in it. You never know how the paper turns out to be on the test date. Thirdly, take as many full length mock tests as possible, this will help in getting yourself adapted to the actual test. Lastly, keep yourself calm on the test day. Have a good sleep, listen to your favourite music or meditate for some time before going to take the test. This will help you in getting rid of any anxiety and make you feel more confident and prepared.


(Jamboree  GMAT Student)

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