Graduate studies abroad cost more, but they’re worth it


There are many things about a top graduate degree abroad that people could focus on. They could talk about the rigorous curriculum, the inspiring people, the approachable professors, the unparalleled networking opportunities, or the attractive placement choices.

But many choose to ignore these important points, and talk about the course fees instead, and about how they are twice or thrice what they might be in India.

We have reason to believe, with our decades of coaching and admissions experience, that graduate degrees abroad are worth every penny (and much more) that you spend on them. Here is why:

The average rating of graduate schools abroad is in a different league compared to graduate schools in India

Graduate schools abroad have enviable representation in all globally accepted university ranking lists. If you look at the top 100 graduate schools in most disciplines, the representation of foreign programs is at least 50 times that of Indian programs, assuming that there are any Indian programs at all.

The reason for this difference in ranking is manifold. First, all credible ranking systems place heavy emphasis on research output, given that this is the only accurate way to measure long term impact of a university. In addition, there is also a large historical reason; since the programs abroad have a first mover advantage, they have been able to attract the brightest and best minds for centuries. Hence, their alumni pools have blue chip achievements, and they stay ahead in both the short and long term.

Graduate studies abroad wort it

If you want to know more about how a degree from a top graduate program abroad can transform your life, it would be great if you could come down to one of our Jamboree coaching centres, and discuss your ideal career path: our test prep experts, career coaches, and admissions mentors will be able to answer every question you might have. It’s time for you to make the best investment of your life!

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