How to handle work and GMAT together??


Here is an experience by a Jamboree student :

“My name is Akanksha Tyagi and I work at Larsen and Toubro, Electrical & Automation as a Senior Design Engineer.I joined the company in June 2010.I love my job but I always wanted to do a MBA. So, when I decided that I wanted to do a MBA in June 2011,I did not know how I would do it on my own. ISB had always been my dream school but I knew that it was going to be really difficult to get in.

So, I started my GMAT classes and everyday I felt that I was one step closer to my dream. Work was becoming hectic and it was difficult to take out time for studying but somehow everything worked out. I scored a 640 in my first GMAT attempt and a 690 in my second.

What I really had to do was keep the fire burning to achieve my goal and guess what!! I got into ISB. The decision came on November 15,2012. Ergo, one can handle work life and GMAT if one has the desire to do so.

So, concentrate on what you want and work towards it. One day you will surely get it!!”


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