How will a top global #MBA help you switch careers?


friends-talkig about MBAIf you survey a large number of MBA aspirants, you will get two themes again and again. First, most of them will want to know how to get the highest possible GMAT score for their aptitude. Secondly, most of them will ask about how exactly an MBA will provide a shot of adrenalin to their career.

One big part of career success is self realization; a top foreign MBA helps you find the best career path for yourself, and sets you on track for a senior leadership role in that path. Here is how you can think about it:

Switching careers is relatively easy, because the basics are the same. The quant and verbal skills of all entrants to a top program are stellar; their high GMAT scores ensure this. In addition, the multiple grounding courses in each discipline help candidates to realize where their interests lie, so that they can opt for more advanced electives and industry exposure in those areas. Finally, frequent employer events on campus facilitate regular interaction with industries of interest for any given candidate, making an informed shift even more easy.

Some career leaps are more common than others; these sometimes become reasons to go to Business School for many people. For example, many industry experts head to B-School so they can become generalist management consultants. The ability to work across sectors and geographies is definitely an incentive, as is the slightly higher pay package (20% to 30% at most levels). In addition, consulting usually has more problem solving and uncertainty, and that appeals to a certain type of professional. Without a top MBA, making the shift will involve many additional years of work, and difficult lateral movements.

Some career leaps are planned and facilitated by the MBA. Companies are increasingly exploring the option of financing MBAs for their highest performing young employees, and this can be a very clever strategic investment by the employer. In case an employee has high innate potential but needs to gain more corporate exposure and experience, a sponsored MBA is a great, relatively quick way to do this, with the incentive of complete fee waiver to ensure that the candidate always has a reason to come back. In addition, this can also be a great way to help a candidate change fields (from an engineering to a management role, for example) in a controlled, efficient, successful way.

Your career will get the greatest boost of its existence if you are able to make it to the Business School of your dreams, and choose any of the multiple great options that open up for you. The first step on that journey is achieving a great GMAT performance; this is the road to a 750+ score.

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