An interview with a Jamboree IELTS student (Rohan Saigal-8.5)


I appreciate that Jamboree contacted me for this interview, especially since I was a Jamboree student and Jamboree helped me a lot clear the IELTS exam.

Interviewer: How was your experience with IELTS exam?

Student: The IELTS exam was not exactly a piece of cake and not exactly too tough. It was a good mix of tough and easy questions.

Interviewer: How was the day of your exam? Was it different from how you expected it to be? (If yes, then in what ways )

Student: The exam was in a 5 star hotel, so the coffee was good. Jokes apart, I went in there with a clear mind. Saw students my age in big numbers. So, it wasn’t really nerve wrecking since you get to see a lot of people who are exactly in the same boat.

Interviewer: What helped you get a good score?

Student: I would owe that to my faculty in Jamboree. I think the way she handled our batch was amazing and helped me achieve my goal.

Interviewer: Tips that you would like to share with students preparing for this exam?

Student: I think a systematic approach towards it is good enough. You need to prepare for it, can’t really take it for granted. Having said that, you also don’t need to hype it up in your mind. Teachers like there were in Jamboree take care of the rest.

Wish you all good luck for your exam!!

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