Jamboree student shares his experience about University of California, Santa Barbara


The Jamboree Admission Cell is a one-stop centre for applying to universities abroad for all undergraduate, Graduate, MBA, and PhD studies. We have an extensive network of students studying in foreign universities and are readily approachable for feedback on studying and living abroad.

One of our students Deepak Jha who is pursuing MS in Computer Science from University of California, Santa Barbara has shared his feedback about the university.

“ My analysis of UCSB is more biased towards CS program. Good things about UCSB are that it has excellent faculty. They provide a good blend of academia and industry. Majority of faculty are either CTO or Senior Technology leader of companies. Student professor ratio is pretty well. PhD students get guaranteed funding. For MS students, funding is not guaranteed but majority do get it on course of study. Californian university follows quarter system. Its little more hectic but then you can finish off your grad study early if you want to. There are a lots of start ups in Santa Barbara, so chances of getting job is very high. UCSB is known for quality research and that is why NRC ranked UCSB #6 in research work among US universities. The last but not the least, the natural beauty of this place. University has its own beach. On one side of road you will see mountain and on other side the Pacific Ocean.


UCSB is Slightly costly compared to Texas and Arizona. But totally worth spending here. feel UCSB is not GRE centric at all and they give more preference to work experience.

This is what I concluded on the basis of students that have come here. In case any student need finer details do let me know. I will be happy to help others.”

If you want to know anything about UCSB- CS program  http://www.jamboreeindia.com/ will be more than happy to get your query answered by Deepak Jha!

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