Letter from an ex-Jamboree GRE and Admissions Counseling student


Since its inception in 1993, Jamboree has believed in delivering nothing less than the very best. It is this commitment towards keeping only the students’ best interests in mind that has helped us gain an enviable position as the pioneer in providing quality training for SAT®/GRE®/GMAT®/TOEFL®/IELTS and helping students get admission in the right Universities abroad. When students walk into our centers for the first time, they probably think of us as a coaching institute. But our personalized and customized attention and support ensure that when the students walk out of Jamboree, they think of us as their friend, philosopher and guide. So, it is not surprising that most of our students stay in touch with us even years after finishing their course in Jamboree.

Here, we would like to share one such email that we have recently received from one of our students who is currently pursuing her MS in the US.

“I, Shweta Tyagi, joined Jamboree for my GRE coaching and later applied to its Admission cell to streamline my admission procedure for MS in Computer Science in Fall 2011.

I received admission from 7 Universities (Scholarship from 3), I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jamboree, without whom this would not have been possible.

Apart from a dream to do an MS all that I knew was that I am supposed to study and give a GRE exam. Unequipped and completely clueless about the humungous procedure, I approached my counselor and said, “All I know is that I have to study and that give a GRE exam, since I work the only time I have off is on weekends, what do you think I should do?”  My counselor who could have very well written me off for my ignorance told me “Its okay most people don’t even know this much, sit and we’ll plan it through”. That was the day I realized that I had found my mentor and a true admission counselor.

Her assurance was simply put “You study for your exam and I shall do all the background work on your application documents”. My SOP, recommendation letters, bank letter, affidavits almost everything were relentlessly drafted and redrafted by her till we both thought it was perfect.

Finally I gave my GRE and my score was very average (1290), I was shaken as I hadn’t expected it and was sure this had put an end to my dream. However, yet again she encouraged me she made me apply to all categories of universities right from Ivy Leagues to average state universities, and always said “We won’t go below a College ranked below 100 and you’ll get through. Don’t worry”. Her jargons were simple “good chance”, “difficult”, “very difficult” – but she always tried to get me through the very difficult ones.

Today when I have been selected in 7 of them (3 of the “difficult” ones too) and am awaiting further results, I want to thank jamboree for all the help, time and guidance. I had walked in to get an admission counselor and have walked out with a friend; mentor and a world class admission counselor who I guarantee can pull off anything and can get any student the program and university they aim for. I have joined University of Pennsylvania – one of the most sought after Ivy League colleges in the US.

Thank you once again. 


Shweta Tyagi”

At Jamboree, we consider these as our true rewards. Indeed, words such as these motivate us to deliver our best day after day, year after year.

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