Myths and Facts about SAT


1) Myth – Only a good SAT score can take you to a good college.

Fact – SAT score is important but it is not the only criteria which can fetch you a     seat in a good college. Apart from a good score you also need good academic records and extra-curricular activities on your candidature in order to make a winning application. The colleges want candidates who are all-rounders and not those who only have a magnificent SAT score to offer.

2) Myth – One has to answer all questions correctly in order to get 2400.

Fact – One need not get all questions right to get a perfect 2400. It is possible that a student skipped a couple of questions or even got a few of them wrong and still scored well. Because it is the raw score that matters i.e. if you have the required raw score, you can get 2400.

3) Myth – The essays are checked by the computer.

Fact – The essays are scanned and sent to professionals who are proficient in English and have the required knowledge. So, the scoring is done manually and not by a machine. The essays are graded by 2 examiners on a scale of 1-6.

4) Myth – Skip all questions you aren’t sure of.

Fact – You should certainly not attempt a question blindly since, there is negative marking on the exam (-0.25 for every wrong answer). However, you should always try to make an educated guess by following elimination technique. As mentioned earlier, you need not get all questions right to get full marks on exam.

5) Myth – As you move forward in the exam its difficulty level rises.

Fact – It is a paper pencil test and not a computer adaptive test wherein the difficulty level keeps rising .Ironically, on SAT easy and difficult questions are mixed together and do not appear in a fixed pattern.



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