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IT professionals and MBA abroadThe number of Indian students taking the GMAT is increasing every year. A large number of IT professionals seek an MBA degree after two to seven years of work experience. With strong quantitative skills, a good GMAT score, international work experience and the experience of working with global clients, these applicants are a favorite with MBA schools worldwide. Most top Business schools around the world have a class which comprises of 6-10% Indians and this percentage is increasing every year. A large chunk of these are the Indian IT professionals. US business schools tend to brand applicants. Therefore, whereas the largest pool of applicants to US business schools five years ago used to be the “New York Merchant bankers,” today that pool is “The Indian IT professionals.”

Whereas this branding opens up a lot of space for Indian professionals to do their MBA abroad, it also increases the competition in this applicant pool. Global B schools want a diverse class mix, and so, if they have an option to get candidates from other streams who have demonstrated competence, then they just might prefer a non IT applicant to a lot of other IT applicants. But this does not take away the fact that a large number of IT professionals make their way to the top B schools worldwide.

It is worth mentioning that the top Indian IT companies have done their fair bit in promoting the image of the Indian IT professional. Most of these companies send professionals on overseas assignments within one or two years of their joining. Working in a cross cultural environment and leading and working in teams with people from diverse backgrounds, helps to develop soft skills in these professionals and this is what MBA schools typically love. Add to this the acumen and quantitative skills and it makes for a winning combination. But, it would be good if you are aware of the stiff competition and work on your GMAT and your profile accordingly.

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