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On the day of our interview we are all very nervous about the questions we may have to confront. Apprehensions such as what sort of questions will be asked, whether I will be able to answer them etc always bother us. So, here is an interview experience shared by our student that will give you a glimpse of the questions you may face.

Candidate: 30 minutes before my interview, I was asked to write about ‘Perpetual’ within a 50-100 word limit. I wrote about how my experiences in my family business had a perpetual impact on my life. My interview started 10 minutes prior i.e. at 12 pm sharp.

2 ISB alumni were sitting in the room to take my interview. The discussion is as follows.

Interviewer: How is the atmosphere outside?

Candidate: The atmosphere is pretty good. However, I am a bit nervous about this whole interview.

Interviewer: Do not be nervous. We are all friends here having a very normal discussion.

Candidate: Yes.

Interviewer: Tell us about your work experience and why do you want to do an MBA from ISB?

Candidate: Narrated the roles and responsibilities and why an MBA now.

Interviewer: Why do not you shift your job?

Candidate: Answered.

Interviewer: Case study – How to build up a website in order to be the best of the lot.

Candidate: Replied.

Interviewer: Tell us the top five things that are considered for enhancing the visibility of the website?

Candidate: Answered.

Interviewer: You have a very good understanding of your work.

Candidate: Thank you Sir.

Interviewer: Case study on launching an e-commerce business on global platform. The candidate had to convince the interviewer regarding the proposal.

Candidate: Very tough one. Stretched for about 15 minutes.

Interviewer:  Tell us your two strengths with examples.

Candidate: Answered.

Interviewer: How do you manage multi tasking roles?

Candidate: Replied.

Interviewer: If we want to remember you as a person, how should we do so?

Candidate: Answered.

Interviewer: Any questions you would like to ask?

Candidate: Replied.

Candidate: The interview got over after 45 minutes. We shook hands and I took off.

These were just few of the many types of questions that you may come across on the interview. For more such personal experiences, stay tuned !!!

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    You could have kept ‘Questioned/Asked’ instead of the actual questions.That would make this post much useful!!

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