Tips to approach Quant in GMAT


As most of the GMAT students are working, they have usually not been in touch with mathematics or quant. They are usually a little averse to solving mathematics questions and in haste they pick any book to practice. This is one thing a GMAT student should never do.

As GMAT is a standardized paper it can be easily cracked through a focused approach. If you are preparing for GMAT, you shouldn’t pick up any random book to prepare rather you should pick up books that are designed especially for GMAT (For example- The official guide).

After you are done choosing the book, the next question arises – How should you go about the questions?

One of the most common misconceptions held by the students is that GMAT is a formula focused or calculation oriented paper. For example – Area of a triangle. GMAT will not go beyond the basic formula 1/2*base*height, you will not be required to know Heroes formula. Learning the formulas is not the key to solve the quant questions on the GMAT.

To get a question right on GMAT it is imperative for you to understand what that question is REALLY asking. The mistake students make is that they interpret the question incorrectly, usually due to the time constraint.

Another misconception which can hamper a student’s score is that the first few questions are more important than the rest of the paper. Due to the adaptive nature of the exam it is correct for a student to give importance to the first few questions but it is equally important to manage time appropriately for all questions.

Another point of advice, most students are concerned about certain topics like Permutation and Combinations (PNC) and Probability. Ironically, these topics are of least importance as on an average 2 questions are asked from these topics in totality. Some of the simple topics like Speed Time Distance, Venn diagram and even geometry have atleast 2 questions each being asked. So overemphasizing on PNC only wastes the critical time students have in hand.

Time management is the key to GMAT so it is essential for any student to take at least 8 to 10 full length test to perfect the time management in each section of the paper. It also helps on building up stamina to handle this lengthy paper.

Pay attention to these critical points and gear up for your GMAT.

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