TOEFL Reading Tips


Students always struggle with reading passages. At times it is because of the nature of the passage, sometimes mainly because they aren’t fond of reading or find it very cumbersome.

So, here we will discuss some tips which will help us enhance our reading skills.

Read the entire passage

Always get into the habit of reading the passage first and then answering the questions. This practice will not only enhance your reading skills but also help you in getting the accurate answers.


Skimming means reading the passage quickly and extracting the main information out of the passage. So, atleast try to get a holistic idea if not the in depth understanding.

Read the questions carefully

The reading section has different types of questions; thus, it is important that due attention is paid to understand what is exactly being asked.

Do not juggle between the passages

Try to answer all questions based on one passage and only then move onto the other passage. But at the same time be wary of the time limits.

Use clues given in the passage

There are always clues present in the passage that will help you answer the questions. So, pay attention to them.

Do not get baffled by difficult words

It is very normal to come across words which seem new. In such a situation, you should not get confused, rather you should try to guess the meaning to such words by the understanding the message that is being conveyed in that particular line or paragraph.

Get familiar with the pattern of the exam

Since TOEFL is a standardized exam there is a certain pattern that it follows. So, practice ample number of mock tests in order to familiarize with the different types of questions that appear on the exam.

Inculcating these strategies while preparing for TOEFL will surely help you in escalating your score on the exam.

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